May 2015:

All of us at Lieffroy are very proud to be prenominated for the 2015 Restaurant of the year in “Den Danske Spiseguide”.

We are running against some of the finest restaurants in Denmark. Thank you very much to the whole team for bringing their best each and every day.


26th of June 2015:

“Fyens Stiftidende” reviews Restaurant Lieffroy giving it six stars.

Food critic Morten Vilsbæk describes us with word such as “certainty”, “elegant” and “wonderful”.


1st of July:

We are very proud to have been nominated for the Restaurant of the Year award in “Den Danske Spiseguide”.

A dinner will be thrown honor of the occasion on August the 19th.


“Den Danske Spiseguide” award the nomination with the following words:
Den Danske spiseguide nominerer med følgende ord:

It sounds French, but is a successful fusion between French and Danish traditions and ingredients of a classical model. There are toques in the kitchen and traditional waiter posture in the restaurant, a cheese table and a well composed wine card. Patrick is the boss, and his competent right hand is Jean-Louis Lieffroy.

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