Om os

Getting a foothold and creating Restaurant Lieffroy has been a dream come true for me.

I had been looking for the right place for a long time, when in the spring of 2010 I had the opportunity to buy "Hesselhuset", which largely lived up to the criteria I had set.

Forest, nature, beach and the seas are right infront of our doorstep and the more the hundred year old building has its very own distinctive charm and architecture. After a thorough renovation, the house became the perfect setting for Restaurant Lieffroy.

My father, Jean Louis, had actually retired, but still agreed to be part of our project - also behind the pots in the kitchen. I am very grateful and happy for that and I think he is too. There is something about old circus horses and the smell of sawdust.

Front of house, my wife Helle, runs the place with me. She manages the restaurant, and at the same time is responsible for the development of our wine list. She is both a trained waiter and sommelier, and has worked at some of the best restaurants in the country. We have a fantastic partnership and it gives us an incredible number of benefits that there is one on each side of the counter, who strives to deliver the best experience to our guests.

Together we run Restaurant Lieffroy with the goal of keeping the quality level uncompromisingly high and the price level down to earth.

We have worked in many amazing places which has made our restaurant into what you will experience today.

Cv of Patrick:
Fakkelgården- Christian Bind - Apprenticeship
Marie Louise - Michel Michaud
Buerhiesel –Antoine Westermann - France *** stars Michelin
The cote st. Jacques - Jean-Michel Lorain - France *** stars Michelin
Troisgros - Michel & Pierre Troisgros - France *** stars Michelin
Falsled Kro
Restaurant Lieffroy
Awarded Chef of the Year 2022 By the Danish Dinning Guide, Bent Christensen

Cv of Helle:
Munkebo Kro - Aprenticeship
The Paul - Paul Cunningham * star Michelin
Ruths Hotel - Ruths Gourmet - Michel Michaud
Restauarant Lieffroy
Sommelier Vinakademiet - Best performance for professionals
Sommelier WSET - Level 3
Best Service of the year 2018 - By the Association of Danish food critics
Waiter of the Year 2016 - Silver medail
Nordic waiter of the year 2017 - Silver medail

Awarded Restaurant of the Year 2021 - by the Danish Dining Guide, Bent Christensen
Awarded Best Feelgood Experience of the Year 2022 By White Guide

Toghether we have created a dining experience, that hopefully will make you fell at home, in our home - Our Restaurant!

We look forward to having you dine at Restaurant Lieffroy
With love

Helle & Patrick Lieffroy