Current 3-course Menu

Lunch and dinner

Turbot from Hanstholm with fleur de courgettes and musslesauce

Grilled and stuffed quail, with mushrooms in season, sweet corn, kale and portwine sauce


Wild blackberreis with almond sablé, lemon verbena, sorbet and Crème Anglaise

Subject to change daily!


3 courses / Kr. 580,-

Optional additional dishes

Soft serve ice cream of hazelnuts from Piemonte with Kaluga caviar and olive oil
Kr. 195,-

Scallops with fava beans, gooseberries, yuzu and Baerii caviar from Lyksvad
Kr. 220,-

Grilled Danish lobster from Korshavn with morels, tomatoes, sauce with tomatoes and Safran
Kr. 220,-

French duck liver, sweet pickled fennel, plums, rosehip and browned butter
Kr. 220,-

Selection of Danish and French Cheese - with suitable garnitures
kr. 250,-

Gourmet experience 7 courses

Champagne, 7 courses with wineparing and coffee with petit fours

-7 course gourmetexperience with wineparing 1 / Kr. 2.240,-

-7 course gourmetexperience with wineparing 2 / Kr. 2.640,-

-7 course gourmetexperience without wines / Kr. 1.200,-