At Restaurant Lieffroy we have created 2 wine pairings - an attempt to meet all our guests' wishes for a lovely evening out.

Wine pairing 1 is created, in search of finding the best wines at the best prices, of course adapted to the menu.
Sometimes appellations that are rare, and always wines that you will not find everywhere else.

Wine pairing 2 is for our guests who enjoy a classic wineparing, aswell as we do ourselves.
Sometimes few and exclusive bottles and often from our own selction in our winecellar.
With this in mind, this wine pairing can also change from day to day.

The wines you find in our winelist, is choosen carefully to match the kitchen of Patricks, but is also wines we love ourselves.
The wines on our winelist is often in a very limited quantity and therefore it must be taken in consideration, that wines may be sold out.


We are incredibly proud and honoured that Restaurant Lieffroy is recommended by Star Wine list!

Star Wine List, the guide to great wine bars and restaurants in Nyborg.